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Real Time Data Feed

Real Time Data Feed

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NewsScraper – Delivers Breaking News to Profit from

Capitalize on Market Moving Events in Realtime

Hundreds News Sources All in One Place
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Breaking News, Earnings News, SEC Filings, Economic Indicators, FDA trials results, Analyst Ratings
What does it do for me as a trader?

What does it do for me as a trader?

Traders who entered position on a product have to be constantly aware of all events surrounding their target market. They constantly do their due diligence by monitoring news, TV, forums, Twitter etc. It’s a very tedious and time consuming process. We have a solution for you as a serious trader.

list of curated highly trusted data sources

How do you do that?

We scan a global list of curated highly trusted data sources in real time using our unique technology (patent pending). Then we deliver the news directly to you and allow you to filter the news to meet your needs.

Simple Value Proposition

You’re a trader. You have entered positions. You have a list of YOUR trusted sources which YOU research to make trading decisions (news websites, Twitter, forums etc.).

Your pain: constantly checking them, refreshing, switching between many browser windows.

Our solution: everything delivered to you in one place, in real time. Nothing ever gets lost, no noise, act quickly, make money. Developed from 20 years of experience working personally with the best traders from the leading Hedge funds and Proprietary trading firms.

AI Powered

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and initial guidance from the trader, NewsScraper is able to deliver only important news that the trader needs. By eliminating the noise, the trader can focus on the important news that will move his stocks or instruments

Monitor twits

Monitor tweets for your topic, from sources you follow

Important to You

Earnings News, broker ratings, SEC filings, economic indicators, FDA announcements or any event or subject you are following can be delivered to your desk immediately

Extended Search

Search extracted entities like company symbols, tone, polarity and summary of the news with the Premium license.

Real time delivery

NewsScraper delivers data from sources in real time and filters out the content that is not relevant to you

Real time delivery

NewsScraper delivers data from sources in real time and filters out the content that is not relevant to you


We have the real trading floor experience. Software developed for traders by traders. We know trading

reading hundreds of newspapers

Individual Approach

Q: We got Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters and others, why would I as a trader need NewsScraper?
Q: News sites like Bloomberg or Thomson give an endless stream of overwhelming information which is mostly ignored. NEWSSCRAPER gives you headlines from news sources you are particularly interested in. Imagine being able to see headlines IMPORTANT TO YOU from your favorite newspapers like Wall Street Journal, New York Times, etc,. It is like reading hundreds of newspapers without reading the parts you’re not interested in

group your sources

Flexible Setup

You can group your sources by topics, interests, including geographically. NEWSSCRAPER can group news into topics like commodities, stocks news, or even by country. These interests are put into topics so you can view each separately.
Citron, Recode, Muddy Waters

See Deeper

View data from rare or hidden gems which still move markets like Citron, Recode, Muddy Waters and many others (example: knowing first about Luckin Coffee fraud).

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Find the contextual news and quotes in the noise with curated data sources


Filter news alerts to see only what’s relevant.


Whether you’re on the road or at your desk, get data on the devices use use

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Alex Silver

Highly recommended if you're tired of news and information noise overload

Kate Jones

Just try and see yourself. Good luck with your trading

Sam Wang

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